Useful data comes in, and you can easily decide how you want to use it. You can quickly digest thousands of datapoints and make decisions and actions that have immediate impact on your system. Make your vision a reality & empower your team with greater control.



We believe that complexity is necessary but it does not have to be confusing! Our simple tools allow for articulate control over your data, machines, and systems. We founded IoT Right to share the value of what we built to others who have a similar need.



Add revenue & growth to your bottom line with confidence because we built security into our system from cloud to sensor. This allows you to focus on what matters - your core business with the certainty of a secure environment behind you and your valued clients.


Why IoT Right?


We made the decision to dive into the world of IoT in an effort to enhance our current lighting solutions. We built our first IoT platform over two years ago. After that, we created a completely open source vendor agnostic solution to fit all verticals. It has the ability to connect to any person, place, or thing. It works with any cloud, any sensor, any gateway, any technology, and allows IoT Right to fit what the partner/client needs. Applications include everything from a single solution piece to a complete solution end to end. Need financing for your solution? (Partners & Clients) No worries! Need professional services or to build a professional service practice? We have that covered as well!

We are a truly open source and work with your current and/or new technologies along with any mix of vendors. We are able to support you: offline and online, in the cloud, on premise, or off-premise. All information involving your systems is accessible on a single pane of glass with the actionable data that you requested…in just milliseconds.


The flexibility you need to drive better business decisions. Faster, easier and more secure!



Ready to deploy

Turn-Key Solutions

IoT Right offers professional white label services directly under your own brand. We work with you to satisfy your customer. Whether a complete turnkey solution or any part of it, we have you covered: site survey, specification and design, devices (sensors, gateways, IT, etc.), installation, setup, commissioning, our platform, monitoring, analytics, training, and ongoing maintenance. Our goal is to provide the pieces you need to enhance your own offerings and value add to ensure your customer’s experience exceeds expectations.

We’ll even provide the training and templates you need to successfully handle any or all of the pieces to deliver your customer the final solution. Enhance your solution and increase your revenue by including products and services offered by Vendor Partners from the IoT Consortium. For example: you are an HVAC expert but lack expertise in lighting or any other IoT Solution, however your customer wants these solutions too. That’s where the IoT Consortium can help by enabling you to provide a better and broader solution with more wallet share for you all delivered under your brand.



Smarter Devices for Faster action

Operating At the Edge

One of the keys to our Platform’s huge scalability and minimal latency is that it is designed to run on the edge. Our Platform certified gateways not only securely bridge the gap between sensor and Platform, they also can analyze and make local decisions and can operate autonomously. We can empower our devices to take actions when certain criteria are met; the devices act & communicate back to us - but they don't need to wait for us.



100% open IoT Solution

Fully Integrated Legacy Systems

We support most every major communication protocol. That’s how our Platform can integrate disparate technologies and display it all on a single pane of glass - this is how we operate. We offer gateway solutions that connect to sensors, other networks, other gateways, fog devices, building management systems, PLCs and so much more. Have your own Gateway? We can certify it for the Platform and enhance your sales through our channel. Contact us for a comprehensive list of Platform pre-certified devices.



IoT Case Study: data analytics & Monitoring

Large CNY Water Municipality needed to monitor their towers with NO downtime.

Water Tower Obstruction Lighting.

This customer is a major City Water Authority that only has a few water towers that require obstruction lighting on them. Obstruction Lighting marks tall structures that may pose a hazard to aviation. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that such lighting be monitored 24/7/365. Any outage of a flashing light requires a mandatory filing with the FAA within 30 minutes of the outage to avoid being penalized with heavy fines.

This problem needed an IoT monitoring solution.
They were looking at different solutions and IoT Right was the preferred provider of Choice

Case Study - Rather than add expensive remote monitoring and control infrastructure, the customer opted to use our monitoring solution. Not only does our solution provide the required IoT monitoring, it also provides remote diagnostic, control and troubleshooting to minimize outage time and maximize uptime. Recently this customer has indicated that since installation: “The site is running perfectly and we have not had any issues as of yet.”

Learn more about our IoT monitoring solutions here


IoT Case Study: Smart Buildings & HVAC

Commercial building owners could save an average 38% on their heating & cooling bills by simply installing a few controls within their HVAC systems.

Synthesized & Quoted from this Dept of Energy article by April Saylor.

HVAC systems typically account for as much as 30% of energy use and costs in commercial buildings and office spaces. The following four different control methods were considered by this study:

  • Air-side economizers cool outside air to chill the building instead of creating cool air with the HVAC compressor.

  • Supply fan speed controls slow or speed up the ventilation fan that circulates the building’s air based on whether or not a desired temperature or amount of fresh air has been reached instead of continually running the fan at full speed.

  • Cooling capacity controls run the HVAC compressor at different speeds based on need.

  • Demand-controlled ventilation slows or speeds up fans and air intake based on carbon dioxide levels inside the building instead of running ventilation fans at a constant rate.

IoT Solution:
In general, the researchers found that installing a multi-speed fan control had the greatest impact on energy savings in hotter cities (think Miami), and demand-controlled ventilation created the best possible energy savings in colder cities like Chicago or Seattle.


Learn more about all of our IoT applications and solutions here ➔

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Your IoT platform


Turn Your vision into reality

IoT Right’s Platform has been designed from the ground up to be truly hardware and cloud agnostic. It has the capability to forge a secure connection with just about anything. Are you looking to tie it into your ERP, your customer’s ERP, ticketing or another business application? All of this can be done…and more…that’s IoT Connect. We can white-label the platform offering you the ability to provide the entire experience under your brand to your customer.

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