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IoT Right offers professional white label services directly under your own brand. We work with you to satisfy your customer.



Whether you are looking for a turnkey solution or any part of it, we have you covered: Site survey, specification and design, devices (sensors, gateways IT, etc.), installation, setup, commissioning, Platform, monitoring, analytics, training, and ongoing maintenance. Our goal is to provide the pieces you need to enhance your own offerings and value add to ensure your customer’s experience exceeds expectations. See below list for more details.

We’ll even provide the training and templates you need to successfully handle any or all of the pieces required to deliver your customer the final solution. Enhance your solution and increase your revenue by including products and services offered by Vendor Partners from the IoT Consortium. For example, you are an HVAC expert but lack expertise in lighting or any other IoT Solution… however, your customer is looking for these additional solutions beyond HVAC. That’s where the IoT Consortium can help by enabling you to provide a better and broader solution with increased profit share for all, and delivered under your brand.


Installation, setup and commissioning IoT systems:


Our IoT Solutions are designed from the ground up to run securely from end-to-end on any cloud, on-premise, or at the edge. Our IoT Right Platform enables you to ingest, analyze, adapt and adjust to all actionable intelligence – in real time and at extreme scale. Unleash your data at the edge by leveraging our broad expertise to provide a straightforward, plug-n-play experience to you or to your valued customers. We can quickly empower you to swiftly deliver less downtime, Quick ROI, Extreme Scalability, Flexibility, Real-Time Data, and Security…all on a day to day basis! If you need help with installation, we have you covered either directly or through an Install service provider via the IoT Consortium.

Contact us today to discuss installing and launching your IoT vision!



Designed to preform @ the edge

Our Platform certified gateways can analyze and make local decisions and can operate autonomously. We offer gateway solutions that connect to sensors, other networks, other gateways, fog devices, building management systems, PLCs and so much more. We support most every major communication protocol & our Platform can integrate disparate technologies and display it all on our One Platform. Computing at the edge is one of the keys to our Platform’s huge scalability and minimal latency.

Your pre-made actions drive Faster Edge computing

We empower our devices to take actions when certain criteria are met; the devices act & communicate back to us - but they don't need to wait for us.



Expanding Services

Offer any of our products and services through a white label partnership. Together we can deliver more for your customer - and increase your bottom line.

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Adding Revenue Streams

If you have a product or service you want to include to satisfy your client’s needs, we’ll help you integrate it into the IoTRight Platform.

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Specification & Design

Defining a comprehensive specification and implementation plan agreed to by all parties ensures a smooth project flow and a happy customer.

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Site Survey

A successful IoT solution starts with information gathering. Whether on site or talking with your customer, gathering the details needed is the first step.


One Platform

IoT Right was founded to allow our partners to be secure and have confidence in the IoT solutions that we deliver. We design solutions from the ground up to run securely on any cloud, premise, or at the edge. We can enable you to ingest, analyze, adapt and adjust to all actionable intelligence – in real-time and at extreme scale. Unleash your data, gain insight, and use it all to empower your team. Do it all here, on One Platform.