One Platform crossing the edge, the cloud, and on-premise environments.

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Data Analysis & monitoring

IoT Right allows you to get to your actionable insight real time with control that is available from anywhere and at any time. We can alert you in whatever way best fits your environment - by text, email, etc.. We can monitor anything, anywhere, and give you back the actionable Data in the way you choose. From onsite, offsite, in the cloud or on Premise all the way to the edge -  IoT Right has your back, front, top , bottom & sides 24/7 365 days a year.

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Financial Services

IoT Right’s financial arm empowers our Partners to increase sales from your core business and new business lines as well as to wrap professional services around the total IoT Right solutions. We can finance our partners as well as the clients that they serve for goods, warranty, & services. We offer a pay as you grow model designed to make it easy for the customer and the partner to keep offering more services as they grow. Consume how you chose, with the technology you want, and IoT Right can pull the overall solution together with one payment that makes sense for your budget/ROI.

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Power at the edge

IoT Right Edge delivers the full power of the IoT Right Platform directly to all devices and gateways. The IoT Right Edge runs autonomously, independent of network connectivity, and is resilient & secure. IoT Right’s communications-agnostic Autosync technology guarantees your environment is always up-to-date in real time. IoT Right is fully extensible with a suite of proven components and integrations to deliver solutions quickly and at scale. IoT Right empowers you to focus on business results & outcomes.


Preventative Maintenance vs Prescriptive Maintenance

staying Ahead of the curve

Prescriptive analytics goes a step beyond advanced data analytics options such as descriptive or predictive by not only anticipating what will happen and when, but why something will happen in the future - and recommends actions to take based on those predictions. Providing actionable intelligence, companies can maximize opportunities, mitigate risk, reduce costs, and gain a distinct (disruptive) competitive advantage.

We offer different levels of maintenance, from simple software maintenance to full site maintenance. Let’s discuss how to optimize maintenance schedules and costs based on both real-time operational parameters and historical performance metrics.

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Usually a graphic interface depicting at-a-glance results based on predetermined rule sets.  So, a human person has to physically set and maintain the rules. This is excellent for alarms and notifications of trouble.

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Predictive analytics uses Machine Learning to identify substantial differences between past and present performance attributes. AI Algorithms pinpoint problems and alert before the occurrence of costly downtime.

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Prescriptive analysis is a specific course of action based typically on Predictive information. This can be relatively simple — such as lowering zone temp to decrease expense — or complex, depending on the data sets and desired business outcome involved.


Each type of IoT/IIoT analytic solution targets a different business value and outcome.

Contact us today for more information about our maintenance programs and creating the IoT solution that is Right for you.



Sensors & Gateways


Ready-to-rock Hardware

IoT Devices

We offer a variety of wired and wireless sensors that fit the requirements of the job: WiFi, BLE, LoRa, Zigbee and others. Pressure, temperature, flow, level, water detection, proximity, presence, light level, current, voltage, power, soil moisture, ph, open/close and much, much more. We have an ever-expanding list of sensors. If you make a sensor and want to expand your sales through our Channel, let’s discuss and make it happen!

Have your own Gateway? We can certify it for the Platform and enhance your sales through our channel. For a Comprehensive list of Platform certified Gateways contact us.


Open Source Sensors

IoT Right can make any approved sensor work on our ecosystem. Completely open source is just that - open to any technology. Whether in our cloud, offline or online, on premise, or at the edge, IoT Right has you covered! If you make a quality sensor & want to expand your offering, let’s discuss how IoT Right can help you make it happen through our channel.

On boarded devices, ready-to-install

Our Certified Sensors & Gateways with Auto-recognize upon installation are ready and waiting for your next IoT project. Your user dashboard will be created and modified to your preferences. IoT Right can do this work for you or we can train you to do it if you prefer. Want to add your product to our offering? Contact us to get it certified today!


Our IoT environment is waiting for your innovation. Contact us to set up an initial discussion, and begin to empower your system to make faster & more informed decisions!