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Turn-key Solutions

Launch a new system with us to deliver solutions quickly and at scale. IoT Right empowers you to focus on business results & outcomes.

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One platform

Use our platform to see your bottom line, illuminate areas to innovate, and capitalize on new opportunities - all here, in one place.

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Expand revenue & services

Open new revenue streams in new & existing accounts by enhancing your current offers with new IoT services that make a big impact!


We empower technology, businesses, decisions & people.

Built from the ground up with the ability to interface with any sensor, network, or cloud - providing the business intelligence our customers need to maximize their impact. We provide open, secure and easy to use end-to-end IoT solutions to fit any IoT vertical market.  Our one platform can integrate any system; crossing the cloud, operating at the edge, and putting full control at your fingertips.

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Asset Management

Empower your system to allow real-time data points to drive your services, inventory, and your overall efficiency. Enable yourself to capitalize on strengths, see weaknesses, & increase ROI.

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Remote Monitoring

Use actionable data to make decisions; setup systems to preform automatic functions and make alerts that you control. Setup a proactive maintenance plan to help avoid downtime!

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System Integration

Integrate all of your tech into a single platform that operates across your systems. Empower your team and activate new areas of innovation. Bring your whole system into tomorrow here!


We offer ready-to-deploy IoT Solutions and services to HVAC and smart building verticals; we are always expanding - and you can help by partnering with us to develop new IoT solutions for your market through direct partnerships or by joining the IoT Consortium. We empower our clients with solutions that expand the power of your system, generating more control and understanding to you and your team. Disrupt or be disrupted - partner with us to connect your team to your tech and bring your vision to reality.


Our Mission:


We empower technology, businesses, decisions & people.

We provide open, secure and easy to use end-to-end IoT solutions to fit any IoT vertical market. One Platform that provides the end-to-end integration at the edge, cloud or on premise with a consistent and repeatable methodology to be leveraged across all IoT solutions.

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Contact us

We’re happy to hear from you. Contact us today to learn more about our business and how you can benefit from working with us. We want to help move you from a reactive to a proactive business model and pushing you ahead of your competition. Reach out to us and together we can work to build a more connected, stronger business where you are in control.

Email: info@iotright.com
Telephone: 888-808-4-IoT
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Your Team
and Your Tech

IoT Right was founded to allow our partners to be secure and have confidence in the IoT solutions that we deliver. We design solutions from the ground up to run securely on any cloud, premise, or at the edge. We can enable you to ingest, analyze, adapt and adjust to all actionable intelligence – in real-time and at extreme scale. Unleash your data, gain insight, and use it all to empower your team.
Do it all here, on One Platform.