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HVAC systems account for over 50% of energy consumption in commercial settings - and that’s why what’s in the walls of your environment is so important.

Our HVAC IoT systems can be controlled and expanded upon, even with unopened protocols as is the case in so many buildings today. IoT Right can help you see, control, & deliver your desired results real time. If your employees are comfortable and enjoy a safe work environment, increased productivity with fewer mistakes may be a direct result. Comfort is driven by the experience you have within a facility. Your control is vital to making the area more efficient and comfortable - simultaneously changing to meet your needs and optimize your results. We help you control temperature, humidity, and most importantly the energy related to your facility. HVAC systems are our #1 target market this year - Contact us today to setup an IoT systems quote and begin making your building & work environment more empowered.


The IoT Right Platform allows for acquisition, analytics, and sharing critical data across the enterprise by delivering a convenient platform with flexibility to adjust and adapt to changing business needs and requirements.

IoT Right allows you to focus on delivering value, results, and strong ROI. Building enterprise solutions is challenging and complex. Fortunately, we have engineered the critical core components for you. By implementing the IoT Right solution, you can realize your empowered  smart building / city vision with the ability to:

  • Track & manage assets

  • Improve public services

  • Connect your communities

  • Innovate on environmental controls

  • Improve education and training

  • Create intelligent Infrastructure

  • Capitalize on new revenue streams

  • Make your building and city safer


We are proud to offer the flexibility that you need to build a more intelligent infrastructure that is faster, more secure, and easy to use.


Local Municipality needs a monitoring solution with NO downtime!

Large CNY Water Municipality needed to monitor their towers with NO downtime! This customer is a major City Water Authority that only has a few water towers that require obstruction lighting on them. Obstruction Lighting marks tall structures that may pose a hazard to aviation and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that such lighting be monitored 24/7/365. Any outage of a flashing light requires a mandatory filing with the FAA within 30 minutes of the outage or there could be heavy fines.



Commercial building owners: HVAC systems typically account for as much as 30% of energy use and costs!

Multiple methods were researched in this study to find the optimal way in which to save money in different climates. In general, the researchers found that installing a multi-speed fan control had the greatest impact on energy savings in hotter cities, and demand-controlled ventilation created the best possible energy savings in colder cities.



+ IoT Applications

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FAA Obstruction lighting

Unimar (Our Sister Company) was founded in 1989 and is known for its rich heritage in providing obstruction lighting solutions all over the world. They are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services that our clients have come to expect. What sets Unimar apart in the markets we serve? Well it’s simple: a dedicated staff, unparalleled customer service, doing what we say we will, and then imagine this: actually doing what we say! You can expect this same dependability with IoT Right: IoT-Done-Right! Contact us to monitor your towers, stacks, stadiums, etc. - with one call we can monitor it all!

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Asset Tracking

Track for impact

Modern business demands that we manage costs, mitigate risks, and proactively make better business decisions - asset tracking can empower your system to allow for faster ROI by getting real-time data points that impact your services, inventory, and your overall efficiency. We help designs asset tracking systems that get you to market faster than your competition and track everything from costs to where your assets lie - contact us today to explore your options with IoT Right!

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Industrial IoT

the IIoT revolution has begun

Industrial IoT is here…and here to stay. Predictive Maintenance results in reduced downtime, knowing where and when materials are coming, as well as offering higher yields in manufactured goods. Iot Right gives you this power and so much more. Digital twins allow you to run test environments to learn potential outcomes. This is a very powerful tool which can enable you to stay ahead of your competition. Make more products with fewer materials and optimize the way your company operates with predictive maintenance.


Trail Blazers

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It’s all about connection: we love to open new channels, connect to new devices and spread IoT Services into new and unexplored territory. Our system is positioned to leverage the world of IoT for everyone. IoT Right is at the forefront of tomorrow’s industry and we want you to be at our side. Contact us Today!